Wednesday, May 25, 2011

one more month

Time passes really fast. 5 months holiday will come to an end soon. Staring at the calendar and realized that its already end of May. By the end of June, I have to go back to that place again. Its time to step out from the comfort zone. No more being pampered. No more home cooked food.

Recall back what I've done within these few months. Although I have lots of free time but not much things were done. Laziness is the main reason perhaps. This post will be a long one, summarizing what I've done for the past few months, mostly with photos.

It was Chinese new year few days after I officially completed my one and a half year A-Levels programme. One year ago, I only celebrated the first and second day of cny in Kuching and had to fly back to KL on the third day as my class resumed on the 4th day of new year. Was feeling sad for not having a longer time at here. This year is different. I can have my cny celebrated with family and friends from day one till fifteen. However, not much photos were taken this year. =(

Dishes cooked by dearest dad during reunion dinner.

Second day of CNY.
I think we don't have much chance to take photos together again after middle of this year. You and I will be busy with our own stuffs and our schedule for holiday will not be the same anymore.

Valentine's Day at Basaga

Chap Goh Mei celebration at the waterfront.
Thanks for accompanying me though it was very crowded and the weather was hot.

By the end of February, Tong Min and her family visited Kuching. We brought them to a few places such as the museum, waterfront and green hill. As the weather was not so good and kept raining for the whole day when they were here, our plan to Semenggok was cancelled. Hence, no orang utans were seen.

the 4 ladies. taken at the green hill.

Felt sorry for not being able to bring them to lots of places due to the bad weather.

I supposed to have a vacation to Penang with my brother and one of his friend. Due to some reason, Alvin and his friend could not go and ended up I was the only one going. I spent my first 2 days at Kulim and the following 2 days at Penang. Million thanks to Tong Min and her family for their hospitality as well as her uncle for being the tourist guide and drove us around.

Chew Jetty, where the shooting of the Ice Kacang Puppy Love took place.

at the Butterfly Farm.

Tropical Spice Garden, a place that we donated a lot of blood to the mosquitoes.

After the vacation in Penang, I managed to meet up with Kai Yen. She was my ex-roommate when I was in Labuan Matriculation College. We had dinner at Ten-Ichi Japanese Restaurant.

roommate for one and a half month

we love taking photos together.

As for my 20th birthday, I have it celebrated with him and my friends at Good Time Cafe. Thanks for those who celebrated with me.

Few days after my birthday, I went to ShenZhen with dad and mum. Part of it was for vacation, part of it was to visit my aunt at HuiYang.


first time plucking strawberries

at DingHu Mountain, ZhaoQing

With aunt and her families

In conjunction with the dog show at The Hills Shopping mall, YaYa Pets Shop set up a booth there selling pets product with promotional price. Alvin and I were there to help his god mother for the 3 days promotion.

taken with Jacky at Station One during dinner on the first night.

Pandan beach. Followed him to Lundu to look for suitable campsite for the coming June camp.

Kbox. met up with Mei Yang. Both of us were mushrooming at home doing nothing during that time.

another photo with Alvin before he cut his hair short.

Sendok Waterfall at Matang Wildlife Centre

Day trip to Matang Wildlife Centre with the scout group.

Had vacation of 6 days to Yangon, Myanmar with dad and mum. Again, Alvin could not follow us for the trip this time. For the first 3 nights at Yangon, we stayed at the Thamada Hotel at the city centre. The hotel is not far away from the China town. It cost us 1500 kyat, approximately RM6 to reach china town from our hotel.

the famous Shwedagon Pagoda. It looks nicer during the night time as the lightning makes it more golden.

view of sunset at the poolside of Inya Lake Hotel

Dinner at Orchid Restaurant of Inya Lake Hotel

That's the sumamry of what I've done for the past few months. Another one month of free time at home. Do hope that I can utilize the time left before my degree starts. =)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Live fully, Love deeply, Laugh often

Listen to your heart...
With a little bit of thinking...
Follow what your heart tells..

Enjoy the beauty of the things around you...
Even the smallest things in life should not go unappreciated...
They are the gifts in life.

Treasure the moments you have with your families and your loved one.

We do not know how much time left we have.
Appreciate every moment we have now.
Do not wait for next time as we do not know whether there is any next time.
Treat every moment as the last time so that we are more appreciative and not take things for granted.

Life is short.
So, live fully, love deeply and laugh often.
Cheers =)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


有些事情,外表虽然漂亮, 但内在是否有想象中美丽

Road of Life

Will this road of life lead me to someone?